The Atholl & Breadalbane Quair

Monthly Community News Magazine covering the Dunkeld, Birnam, Pitlochry & Aberfeldy Areas

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The Atholl & Breadalbane Quair is delivered at the beginning of each month to all 7,100 residential and business addresses in the PH8, PH9, PH15, PH16, PH17 and PH18 postcode areas. This covers an area which includes Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Dunkeld, Weem, Dull, Glen Lyon, Kenmore, Fearnan, Lawers, Keltneyburn, Loch Tay, Acharn, Coshieville, Little Ballinluig, Camserney, Fortingall, Grandtully, Inver, Strathtay, Ballinluig, Guay, Blair Atholl, Rannoch, Logierait, Calvine, Killiecrankie, Birnam, Tummel Bridge, Trinafour, Struan, Dowally, Faskally, Strath Tummel, Kinloch Rannoch, Tulliemet, Trochry, Balnaguard, Kinloch, Strathbraan, Killichonan and Kindallachan.

News for Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Dunkeld, Birnam and Highland Perthshire.

Copies for visitors are made available each month from our seven outdoor dispensers in Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Kenmore and Dunkeld. This helps to give our visitors a flavour of the area and further supports our Advertisers and Event Organisers. The extra print run is dependent on seasonal demand from visitors and tourists.

Copies are also available to read each month at Killin Library and Killin Medical Practice. You can contact us at either or breadalbane@thequair

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The Atholl & Breadalbane Quair Black and White advertising costs between March – December 2021 are as follows:

eighth page – £28 + VAT per edition

sixth page – £34 + VAT per edition

fifth page – £40 + VAT per edition

quarter page – £50 + VAT per edition

Advertising Costs: The Atholl Quair Full Colour advertising between January – December 2021 are as follows:

eighth page – £46 + VAT per edition

sixth page – £58 + VAT per edition

fifth page – £70 + VAT per edition

¼ page – £86 + VAT per edition

⅓ page – £110 + VAT per edition

½ page – £160 + VAT per edition

⅔ page – £180 + VAT per edition

Full page – £260 + VAT per edition

2 pages – £460 + VAT per edition

See Advertising Discounts which are available when you advertise in two of our magazines in the same month.

Copy dates for 2021 are as follows:

Please Note that Copy Dates may be subject to change. Please always check this website for any changes.

November 2021 edition Thursday 14th October at noon.
Magazines are distributed week commencing Monday 1st November 2021

December 2021 edition Thursday 11th November at noon.
Magazines are distributed week commencing Monday 29th November 2021

January 2022 edition Friday 10th December at noon.
Magazines are distributed week commencing Monday 3rd January 2022

Dimensions of adverts

Full Page – 192mm wide x 192mm tall,

⅔ Page – 127mm wide x 192mm tall,

½ Page Landscape – 192mm wide x 94.5mm tall,

½ Page Portrait – 94.5mm wide x 192mm tall

⅓ Page Portrait – 62mm wide x 192mm tall

⅓ Page Landscape – 127mm wide x 94.5mm tall

¼ page – 94.5mm wide x 94.5mm tall

one fifth page – 94.5 mm wide x 76mm tall

one sixth Page Landscape – 94.5mm wide x 62mm tall

one sixth Page Long – 127mm wide x 46mm tall

one sixth Page Portrait – 62mm wide x 94.5mm tall

Eighth Page – 70mm wide x 62mm tall

Preparation of Adverts – Adverts should be prepared to the correct dimensions, either in Word or High Quality PDF (ie min 300dpi) and emailed. Alternatively we are more than happy to make adverts from scratch at no extra charge. Due to the time involved in doing so, we require constituent parts of such adverts by noon 2 days before the published Copy Date.

Timescales – Due to the tight timescales in getting the magazines to the Royal Mail by the Friday following our copy date for delivery, we print the day after our published copy date. All of our articles are proof read before being placed in the magazine. We are happy to accept general articles and print ready adverts up until noon on Copy Date. However, due to the length and complexity of proof reading and formatting Political Columns and Community Council Minutes we require these by noon the day before the published Copy Date.

VAT Registration Number – 977 1107 08
Current VAT level 20%